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Player Development Program for the Off-Season

  • Holidays
    We don't play games or practice on holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas), but we do play games leading up to and after those days. No one will be excused for missing practice because Halloween is not a holiday.
  • Tournament Scheduling
    When it comes to tournament scheduling, please be patient. You won't get a schedule two weeks out, or even one week out. Most schedules are released the same week before the tournament, so if the coaches say they are playing, you will be notified as soon as the schedule is released. Throughout the year we'll be playing in plenty of tournaments, so keep an eye on the website (this one) as we'll keep you posted. also please don't talk to coaches.
  • Student-Athlete
    A lot of people ask me what it means to be a student-athlete. Students-athletes need to balance school, sports, and sleep, as well as find time to complete their homework regardless of whether they have practices or games To be a student-athlete requires hard work, sacrifice and unwavering dedication, They are challenged every day to excel in the classroom and on the court. When it's time to go to work, the athletes grind every day to perfect the details of their game that allow them to shine under the fluorescent lights every week. After practice, the athletes focus on their next job, school. To embody the role of a student-athlete, you must juggle the expectations of a student at ECMS, as well as a youth athlete. You can always turn to your teammates and other athletes for support
  • Playing Time
    The importance of supporting the coach and team cannot be overstated. We will not discuss playing time point blank period Coaches can discuss other problems and issues with parents. Parents should not undermine their child's coach by criticizing other players During or After games, don't bother the coach. Talk to him the next day when both are rested, rational, and respectful. Coaches are responsible for team goals and player development
  • What is the difference between Rec basketball
    Recreational Rec League is a low-stakes, no-commitment league. Regardless of whether it is parent/volunteer coached, anyone can coach, even a high school freshman. It literally means recreational league. Consider going to the YMCA, Church league, I9, Upward or your local community gym and paying to play. Player development is nonexistent. The team usually practices for 30 minutes to an hour and shares the gym with three other teams. The attendance of players or even teams is usually unpredictable. The competition can range from someone who has never played basketball to a school player who is improving. In addition, it can be accessed by anyone of any age. Recreational leagues are inexpensive ($250-$300) usually play 10-12 games a year, but typically do not provide amenities other than a shirt or jersey. Key Points ​ Cost $250-$300 Your practice time will be shared with 3 other teams for 1 hour each week once you are placed on a team Often teams are balanced skill-wise Most of the time, there is a one-time registration fee, but it’s less than competitive Players benefit from social interaction with same-age players Players are guaranteed to play Games are often held at the same location every week and little travel is required Often, coaches are parent volunteers, or High School Kids Recreational sports, Church, YMCA, I9 UPWARD are normally offered through a recreation center. Recreational sports often have more players which means less commitment from each child 8-12 Games per season Games are for fun and stress free
  • What is the difference between Middle School basketball
    Middle school basketball and feeder programs. The majority of schools offer this program. If you are good and can play around school hours, you will be able to play in your city and across your state in middle school. Many schools have far superior programs (better coaches, better players, outside sponsorships, etc.) When you are in middle school, you will play in your city and across your state. As part of this program, students will play home and away games, tournament games, and have the opportunity to compete for the state championship for their school. A major focus of middle school basketball is the development of players in order to prepare them for high school basketball. The purpose of this is to allow kids to play at a high competitive or elite level most beginners cannot make the high school teams due to insufficient time for them to develop their skills and stiff competition to make those teams. Usually, the season lasts for six months and costs $400-600 Key Points Cost $400-$850 Practices very competitive and much more time-consuming and require a huge commitment. Practice using the whole court 1.5 hours to 3 hrs, 2-3 times a week Pre Season Training Camp Games 20-40 per season Practice Uniforms, Game Uniforms (Can't keep game uniforms) Playing time is earned not given Will play home and away games, players will learn how to defend home court Tryouts are held to categorize players according to skill The teams are usually harder to get into and a challenge to stay on Teams usually travel out of the city or area for at least some of the tournaments Tournaments are mostly held on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday Coaches are more likely to be experienced c Team fees are higher Player/team development is a priority Teaching kids fundamental basketball Many competitive sports are played year-round Most kids that play middle school basketball has a higher chance of making Varsity Basketball
  • What is the difference between AAU basketball?
    Travel basketball is known as AAU. AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. Basically, it is an open league for all basketball teams that are not school-related. There are AAU teams across the country, and most of these teams consist of the best players (prodigies, children of rich people, children of NBA players) that form super teams and destroy everyone else. Vince Carter, Ray Allen, and Kobe Bryant all played for the same team in 1994. Additionally, because these are "super teams," the kids don't even focus on fundamentals or team basketball. Due to their superior talent and athleticism, these games tend to turn into exhibitions. Despite its controversy, AAU is more of a business that merely provides a list of games that cost $850-$1200 (4 months) and does not care about player development. As the children will travel further distances constantly, AAU is extremely expensive and requires a fulltime commitment from their parents.
  • Refunds
    It is understandable that parents have a different perspective. When a player leaves the team mid-season, parents want their team fees refunded for the remainder of the season. It feels like they are being asked to pay for something they no longer receive. However, people who have never managed a team and don't know what goes on behind the scenes often overlook the team's perspective. It is not just a lot of work to manage a basketball team, but it can also be a complex and expensive process. There are many costs involved with running a sports team, including budgeting and paying for tournaments, practice facilities, gear, insurance, and administration (just to name a few). None of these costs change if a player leaves the team.They still have to pay the same amount, but their revenue drops by 1/12th. You're not just paying for your child, you're also paying for the team as a whole to function. A no-refund policy is necessary for teams to exist. What about teams that collect payments plans monthly throughout the season instead of paying everything upfront? Most parents never fulfill their end of the deal, crippling the team waiting for funds, on top of the fact that someone will have to pay extra or coaches who volunteer will have to pay out of pocket, it can be extremely detrimental to a team. What can you do to prepare for this? Parent's who don't pay when their payment is due will not be allowed to practice or play in any games until full payment is made. Team managers do not need to have awkward conversations with parents No Refunds

Our Goal.

The Wheeler Jr. Wildcats Basketball program provides a highly competitive opportunity to play basketball at the middle school level.


Our mission as a program is to provide an environment where athletes can grow and develop into well-rounded young people through basketball. We have hand-picked coaches who work hard to inspire and instill values in the athletes.​


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